Vox Eminor proudly welcomes some of Australia and New Zealands top H1Z1 talent to our ranks.

Today Vox Eminor welcomes Simon ‘sico’ Williams and Daniel ‘rbz’ Urbani in what we hope will be our final roster change. We are happy to give the New Zealand based awper and Adelaide based rifler a home after they left their former FSociety squad.
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Ahead of ACL Melbourne we are pleased to announce that Anthony "Ar3syK[r]" Christou will join Vox Eminor on a one month trial basis as our fifth man.

Earlier in the week we had a chat to Vox Eminor MoeycQ in our short interview series !pause. Now we are taking a few minutes to find out with IGL Chris' cozeh' Cossyvas has to say on leadership, team roles and joining Vox Eminor.

Over the coming weeks as we prepare for ACL Melbourne we are bringing you some short interviews with the players and staff behind Vox Eminor. If you have a question you would like one of our players to answer please send us a message on Twitter or Facebook!

Today we announce the newest member of the Vox Eminor CSGO line up, Chris 'cozeh' Cossyvas.

Post ACL the Vox Eminor line up changed with the release of Jake 'm0nt' Van Dorssen. In the time since we have searched for a suitable replacement with the trailing of several players to fill the gap left by m0nts departure.