Vox Play Aftermath Tournament Summary

Well the Vox Play Aftermath Tournament has come and gone, the first of hopefully many tournaments we can host for the community. We had 24 teams first of all battle it out in the group stages to which only 8 made the final cut. 

Naturally thanks to the teams who didn't make it, was great to have you on board and hopefully we will see you again. The quarter finals was a very hotly contested round where three of the four matches were contested over three maps including some overtimes. But at the end of the quarters Vox Eminor, Encore Gaming, Sequential Gaming, and Meka.Tt advanced through to the semi finals.

Vox Eminor had a relatively clean semi final with a 16-4 16-9 defeat over Encore gaming which set the path for the finals open to them...even after tegs nailed Spunj with a decoy. On the other hand Meka.Tt who had just fought their way past rgL the CG season3 champions had to face down Sequential Gaming. Unfortunately in two very hotly contested maps SQL pipped Meka.Tt 19-17 and 16-14 on mirage then inferno.

The stage was set for the finals and it was going to be Sequential going head to head with Vox Eminor in the first finals for the Vox Play Aftermath Tournament.

After a really close battle on dust2 which went into overtime, Sequential closed out the first map 19-16. The pressure was on for Vox and with Train up next, Vox's pick, the boys had everything to lose as Sequential were one map in the lead and only needing the win on train to take out the tournament. After a really good T side by Vox they held tight and managed to close out Sequential 16-9. The final map was going to be tough, starting CT side on inferno Vox were off to a shaky start with Sequential coming up to 5-5, but at that point the team rallied and won every round after closing out the third map 16-5 and taking out first place.

Naturally we give our thanks to Mwave Australia, who chipped in the cash prize pool for the tournament, and of course PantheonES who were kind enough to make 12 high quality CS:GO servers and GOTV's available for the festivities. Also we thank willeh/mattdrilla, and also Lordo, Lambr, and Diinky who all chipped in with streams and stats and the likes.

Final Standings:
1st: Vox Eminor
2nd: Sequential Gaming
3-4th: Meka.Tt, Encore Gaming

Demos and Logs
Available here: http://demos.pantheones.com.au/20140406_Voxe_Play/