Vox Eminor Battlefield Expansion

Vox Eminor may have primarily become a CS team in 2012 but we have always had our roots based in Battlefield. Our  team’s founder Richard 'Talnoy' Lawes has been a long standing part of the Battlefield community and with that in mind it made sense to us that the second stage of our expansion would be a return to our grass roots.

With qualifiers underway for ESL One the time was right for us to search for a team who could get Vox Eminor back onto the world stage and, we are lucky enough to now announce our partnership with the best talent the community has to offer. The team is currently in the midst of the ESL One Battlefield 4 5v5 qualifier and if successful they  will earn their rightful place to compete for Australia at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany.

Let’s meet the team:

Josh “deathdoG” Edwards
Steven “SadAct” Valle
Matthew “Redding” Redding
Valon “Valzo” Mersini
Chris 'Yellow' Mcgillivray

Ryan 'Optiml' Williams
Glenn 'Amril' Starcevich

The team has begun training hard ahead of their qualifiers and we wish to welcome them to Vox Eminor and cheer them on as they fight for their place in Cologne!