Vox Eminor Gaming PC Walkthrough

Well we have a number of gaming machines we prepare and send off to our gamers so they can focus solely on their gaming and not so much on their PC. Its important to us as a team to have quality gaming machines that allow us to compete at the highest levels.

We just finished a new machine and thought now is the time to run it through some benchmarks during its testing phase before it heads out to one of our gamers so you can get a look inside the gaming machine that powers our gamers.

Okay lets get started, basically the concept behind our gaming machines this year is simple efficiency and quiet operation where we dont really want our gamers sitting there playing with a PC sounding like its going to take off from their desk. To that end we have with the help of our partners at both MSI and Coolermaster been able to achieve this with some cool products they ever so kindly sent over for us to get these machines running. So lets take a walk through of the components that have gone into this PC which is one of our CS team PC's:

  • Coolermaster Silencio 550 Chassis
  • Coolermaster GXII 750Watt Power Supply
  • Coolermaster SEIDON 120V Factory Sealed Watercooler
  • MSI Z97 Gaming 7 Motherboard
  • Intel Core i5 4460 Processor
  • MSI Gaming Series Twin Frozr2 Nvidia GTX770 2GB
  • G-Skill Ripjaws DDR3 1600MHz Memory Module
  • Geric Optical Drive
  • Intel SSD530 Series Solid State Drive 80GB
Okay i have posted a walkthough on our gaming machine hereL:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3fd1n5Lqlg

Gameplay wise naturally as mentioned this build is for our CS:GO team so its custom designed to that spec, so i took some high/low setting shots in CS:GO to show the FPS on de_monastery. They dont really say much FPS wise except with every setting maxed out with like 16x CSAA antialiasing turned on it was pulling 110-130FPS but the ingame FPS meter in CS:GO (netgraph) it fluctuates so greatly it doesnt seem overly accurate. Compared to the 250-300 with everything on low the core component i found was i turned the netgraph off with everything maxed out and just spent over an hour smashing bots.

Key to note here is play CS on a low spec PC thats pulling 100-120 FPS and it doesnt feel playable at all but the difference here was with everything maxed out the game was smooth as silk. There was no jittery turns around corners even when i was strafe jumping off buildings around corners the gameplay for the whole time i played was just immensely smooth. See the shots below from the ultra high settings where im standing in an open space looking to the sky to max out the draw distance (first) to the everything low setting where im just charging around the map which is below:

So naturally to push this outside the box a little i ran the PC through passmark 3D graphics full benchmark for you more tech savvy guys:

Ok so there we have it, check out the walkthrough video as it gives a bit more information on the features on the components in the Vox Gaming build for CS so you get to learn about our choices in a little more detail!