MightyKiwi ACL Sydney Summary

During July The Australian Cyber League held their Sydney event. Vox Eminor was represented by our New Zealand StarCraft II player David ‘MightyKiwi’ Gore.

As he was a recently pick up for Vox Eminor and fresh from his time in the United States he was a few points short of making groups so went into the open bracket as the first seed where he met some formidable opponents.

This year’s ACL Sydney had two open brackets to account for the amount of players and due to random seeding the second bracket, MightyKiwi’s bracket, ended up incredibly stacked. With only four places in brackets it meant some of the best were about to fall victim to the points system.

In his first match he hit RaGriz and easily dispatched him before having a Zerg versus Zerg battle against RivaL. As is the way with mirror match ups he lost the build order battle and fell 2-1 into the lower bracket.

Melord was his next victim and MightyKiwi ended his ACL run 2-0 before facing the Singaporean Protoss mYi.Blysk on stage. Like MightyKiwi, Blysk had not racked up enough points to make pool play off the bat and had to fight through the open bracket. MightyKiwi played the games of his life and Blysk’s Australian tournament was over 2-1. But MightyKiwi’s slaughter in the open bracket wasn’t over yet taking out Fighto before getting revenge on RivaL and finally sacking Canberra Zerg, Pox 2-0 giving him a top two placing and advancing him to groups.

At the beginning of the tournament the players were asked to write down their preference for groups in the event they advanced. MightyKiwi had made a calculated decision. If he chose the group of death compiled of Korean Zerg x5.KingKong, x5.NXZ, Phoenix, ChoboSniper and Kreamy he and made the top two he wouldn’t have the face tournament favourite KingKong again on his side of the Championship Bracket.

While he lost to KingKong as he had expected and took out Kreamy and Chobosniper he fell unexpectedly to NXZ and his ACL time was over.

Vox Eminor are incredibly proud of how well MightyKiwi played as his first big event. The first day was long and full of stressful lower bracket games but MightyKiwi held his cool and performed well.

Thanks to our sponsor MSI Australia for providing MightyKiwi with some MSI apparel for the event!