Vox takes out Azubu Australian Masters

After a god weekend at the PAXAUS exhibition the Vox Eminor team headed back to Sydney to compete at the Azubu Australian Masters held in conjunction with the Fnatic gaming team. 

With Patrik cArn Sattermon and Jonathan Devilwalk Lundberg in attendance it was set to be a special event where old rivals and new would square off for a cash and product prize pool approaching $10,000. The tournament was broken down into pre qualified teams, these were the four teams who had competed at the CGPL finals. Then an online qualifier was to be held to pass another four teams onto the main event where they would compete on LAN for possibly the last time this year as we again sought to crown a champion.

The qualified teams were Team Immunity, Vox Eminor, and Qlimax Crew but Avant Garde had lost its qualified spot as the team disbanded. This meant that now five teams would be granted a place in the finals after the online qualifiers which were held two weekends before the live event itself. Streamline Prowess DSK Athletico and iNation were the eventual winners of the qualifier after passing through the online qualifier and their placements in that qualifier would merge with the placements of the CGPL qualified teams to give us a draw. The teams were then split into groups comprising of all the odd numbered seeds vs the event numbered seeds. 

In group A we had Team Immunity, Qlimax Crew, Prowess and iNation while in group B we had Vox Eminor, Streamline, Athletico and DSK. At the end of the two group stage sessions on Saturday Immunity and Qlimax had progressed out of group A and Vox Eminor and Streamline had cleared group B. 

The Semi final saw Immunity defeat Streamline to advance into the grand final, and also Vox Eminor advance past Qlimax Crew to head into the grand final aswell. Both teams had a chance for a breather as first we had to clear the runners up match between Qlimax Crew and Streamline who put on a great showing in a close 2-1 finish match that put Streamline in 3rd place and Qlimax in fourth spot.

The grand final was all set to go live with no shortage of nerves of course as both Vox and Immunity were keen to close out the final major of the year victorious! The first map was cache where Vox started off on the T side and put in a respectable 8-7 score line before we swapped into CT side where Immunity came out swinging hard taking the first few rounds before dropping an eco. Immunity then recovered and stretched the lead out to 12-9 before JKS stopped their momentum with a huge clutch against the Immunity captain Yaman and from there they never recovered as Vox piled in the last 7 rounds straight to win the first map 16-12.

Mirage was map number two and it was Immunity's pick and Vox would start on the terrorists side again but after a hard fought first half the boys were really gathering momentum closing out the first half with a great 9-6 lead before switching to the CT side. Immunity won the T pistol round but were unable to capitalise getting eco'ed in the second round then crumbled as they lost the next seven straight to go down 16-7 on the second map leaving Vox Eminor standing alone as the Azubu Australian Masters! The team walked away with $5000 cash from the tournament's sponsors and the commentators named JKS the tournament MVP for the weekend!

It was a really good weekend of Counterstrike for all of the teams, and a special note to the newcomers who had risen from as far as the Amateur division finals to head down to Sydney to compete! Naturally Vox as a team has to pass on thanks to the Fnatic team, MSI Australia, EIZO, Mwave, and SteelSeries for bringing this event to the community and hopefully we will be back in 2014!