The written road to Katowice

Well the team has a long long way to get to Poland and it starts right here in Australia no doubt as the team will converge on Brisbane for the PeetyG nationals.The team will be leaving for Brisbane tonight where they will spend the rest of the week in bootcamp with some of the other teams before competing in the event this weekend. 

This means our next CGPL league game/FACEIT and other games will be churned out during the bootcamp giving the boys a really good mix of bootcamping and comp matches to warm the toes up for Katowice. Once the weekend is done the boys will go into cooldown for the Monday before boarding flights to Katowice. The team has a relatively long run to the event stilll as they will change planes in Singapore before making the venture into Europe via Frankfurt in Germany then directly into Katowice! The team will arrive on the tuesday which should give them time to shed some of the jetlag before heading into Spodek arena on Thursday when the group stages kick into gear.

Fnatic is up first which will be a big challenge for the guys as they have to first test their mettle against the worlds best. If they win the day they will wait in the upper bracket for the winner of Flipsid3 and NA'VI otherwise they will wait in the lower side of the bracket for the loser of the match between Flipsid3 and NA'VI so no matter which way it goes there are some great matches coming up!

Stay tuned for more updates, naturally you can catch alot of the action on our facey but without a doubt the shenanigans are more likely to go down on the vox snapchat where the guys will post pics videos and general absurdity! Just search Voxeminor to check that out.