Vox Eminor Store is OPEN!

The good news rolls in as we are finally able to offer our jerseys for sale from our own local store! We are now taking pre-orders for official Vox Eminor team jerseys so you can suit up and support the team.

Currently our jerseys are only available in Australia from our store, we dont ship outside of Australia so for international orders you need to go to our Apparel partners GamersApparel - click here

We have a stock order coming in for our Jerseys so get your orders in now and they should be shipping out in the next 2 weeks! Once we get the preliminary orders in we will have a better idea of what numbers to order for each size so we should be able to keep stock on hand for immediate deliveries! We are also soon adding a t-shirt into the store and in future will try and come up with some kewl designs to keep our followers happy!

We are happy to take enquiries or expressions of interest though so please by all means shoot us an email - store@voxeminor.com and let us know what YOU want to see!

In the mean time head over to http://store.voxeminor.com or just click the store button in the menu at the top!