Vox 4.0 Gaming PC Arrives!

Vox Eminor 4.0 Gaming Machine Arrives!

Well its an exciting new day here in the Vox Eminor camp, while the boys are in Katowice getting ready for ESL One we had our new Vox Eminor 4.0 gaming PC arrive from Mwave.com.au! We get the priviledge of being able to raid the store and choose whatever components we like and turn them into fun and functional gaming machines. We do this to share our experience with gaming to create easy picks for gamers who want good quality gaming machines that are tried and tested to play games smoothly! With a price tag of $1529 its a great midrange PC for your desk or tucked under your arm on your way to a local LAN event.

The Vox 4.0 gaming machine is our small form factor, featuring a really nice Silverstone Raven SFF chassis with great ventilation and internal design it lets you keep a sharp compact PC for your gaming that is also highly portable. It has a nice little 80+ 450 watt PSU tucked in there too which means it has ample power to drive the components inside.

Dont stress either as we definately didnt skimp on the graphics, we took into consideration the SFF case and went with a 2GB MSI Gaming GTX960 which is a great thermally efficient low power video card which was literally perfect for this machine. It will quite happily run CS:GO at smooth stable framerates meaning you can rambo smokes or flash yourself silly wiithout getting FPS hits which make life difficult. 

With a good amount of graphics grunt in there even under heavy load you should see the machine stay nice and cool as the case has a very well thought out ventilation system, the top and bottom of the chassis has ample breathing. You can also see from the picture above there that the side panels are carefully designed so your graphics card gets the breathing room that it needs and there is also a similar setup on the CPU side to ensure your CPU fan can disperse heat if your running an extended gaming session.

Pop the hood and as you can see the machine has plenty of storage with a 1TB Seagate Sata drive to drop all of your music photos and videos but it also comes with a 120gb Intel 530 SATAIII SSD to ensure quick boots, quick game loads and nice smooth clean gameplay. The machine is preloaded with Windows 8.1 which SHOULD give you the upgrade to windows 10 if MS goes ahead with the scheme but either way it comes with the latest windows OS. 

Memory wise it comes with 8GB of DDR3 1600 G.Skill Ripjaws memory so you have enough ram in your system whether you are using it for work/homework/gaming. Not to mention it has an Intel Core i5 4690 Quad Core 3.5GHz processor which is the perfect midrange companion for the GTX960 graphics card.

Motherboard! With that little case comes a little ITX board and that of course is the MSI Z97I Gaming AC motherboard. It features:

  • Intel Z97 Chipset
  • Killer E2200 Network Adapter
  • 4x SATAIII Ports
  • 2x eSata Ports
  • 4x USB3
  • 4x USB2
  • Dual Band 802.11 AC Wireless Adapter
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 2x DDR3 Memory Slots
  • Realtek HD Audio with Sound Blaster Cinema 2

Whats in the boxxxx....whats ON the box? Needless to say there is a BEVY of connectors on the back, including a PS2 port for you old dawgs who love your PS2 keyboards! Standard of course is your audio connectors, wireless antenna ports, and the network port for the Killer E2200 network interface. It also comes with 4x USB3 4x USB2 and two e-Sata ports and of course you have your DVI-D HDMI and display port connectors on your GTX960!

It is a really cool machine, it ships with a 1 year return to base warranty and of course you can check it out over on the mwave store for full specifications and information on how to buy!