Gearing up for GFINITY

The countdown is on as the guys move into the last week of preparations before they depart for London for the GFINITY Spring Masters II. 

The team has been churning through the maps getting our new comrade yam into his little niche and we are just about ready to depart. The team will be boot camping in London all week before the tournament to hammer out the flaws and get switched back into euro style CSGO. Naturally there may be a little city signtseeing going on beforehand though as it will be the first time some of the team have been to London.

The training regime has been very solid in the leadup, a few hiccups along the way with jks having PC issues but since resolved the team has been training hard with the help of other Australian teams in order to get up to speed and ready to compete. 

Its another bucket list event for us as the team even since seeing GFINITY has wanted to attend and we are happy to finally get a chance. Thats now dreamhack off the list, ESL One Cologne, and naturally the immensely fun ESL Katowice events and finally GFINITY so it all begs to question once we have finished up in London whats next?