GFINITY event summary

As our GFINITY event starts to wind down to a close with only the finals remaining we walk away with pride for our continued growth and development when it comes to tackling the EU scene. Its been a very long road but the team has slowly but surely continued to build on its results in big league matches.

At the GFINITY group stages yet again we improved on past performances amongst 3 very hard hitting teams NIP Fnatic and NA'VI and also Team Liquid from NA. The results were definately good for us as we did just replace our old friend topguN with Yam but in the end the solid week of training leading up to the event did pay off handsomely as the team put in some good results.

The final standings were pretty much a tie with NiP for 3rd place in the group stages as both teams had a 1 win 2 ties and 1 loss record with a zero round differential. But the groups results were:

Fnatic 1-1 TIED
Cache 16-13 
Dust2 13-16

Team Liquid 2-0 WIN
Inferno 16-9
Dust2 16-8

Ninjas in Pyjamas 1-1 TIED
Train - 16-13
Dust2 5-16

Natus Vincere 0-2 LOSS
Cobblestone - 3-16
Inferno - 1 - 16

The boys did do alot better againt Fnatic than they did at Katowice with a map win and a close second map, Natus Vincere again proved to be Kryptonite for the team with a complete dismantlement from them, but something we can review in the future and get our heads around. Team Liquid showed they were hot starters but quickly lost composure during a shutdown, and NiP were just T-sided monsters.

Overall a really great weekend of CS and a really good week of training in the leadup, hats of to the Vox Eminor boys for their continued improvement and a massive massive thankyou for again the masses of support this team gets from around the world when we are competing overseas! <3 you guys.

Last but not least a huge thank you to GFINITY and the team for being such gracious and accomodating hosts, it was a great event for us from every aspect and we thank you sincerely for the opportunity.