The future of Vox Eminor

Over the last year Vox Eminor has grown into a well-known Australian eSports Organization thanks to the former Counter Strike: Global Offensive team and hard work of founder Richard Lawes.

In June 2015 our champion Counter Strike: Global Offensive team moved forward with their careers after making a huge splash in the international competitive scene and when the team was offered the chance to take the next step in their career we bid them farewell to follow their dreams.

The story will not end there for Vox Eminor however. In June I took over the ownership of Vox Eminor from Talnoy and as newly appointed Director I plan to increase the local focus of the organization with strong performances here in Australia. While the new squad aims to compete overseas in the coming year their main focus is on being the number one team in Australia and keeping the Vox Eminor name as a championship winning team. 

Joining Vox Eminor will be Mohammed ‘MoeycQ’ Tizani, Dale ‘deoxiDE’ Carta, Ted ‘TeddyT’ Staverly, Paris ‘nova’ Larkins and Jake ‘m0nt’ Van Dorssen. The team has been playing under the Streamline banner for the previous few months after Tizani and Staveley split from their former team after winning CGPL Season 3 Nationals. Larkins and Carta were previously on the Chiefs roster before the team disbanded and Van Dorssen was part of Noxious Gaming.

Our StarCraft II player David ‘MightyKiwi’ Gore will continue to compete locally while aiming to qualify for WCS next season. We also welcome a new member in the form of Zed a designer who will work with us to keep Vox Eminor looking sharp and in the future we are aiming to add in a well-known streamer and entertainer and will consider adding more titles to our Vox Eminor family if the right opportunity was to arise.

The new Vox Eminor is:

Mohamed 'MoeyCQ' Tizani (c)
Dale 'deoxiDE' Carta 
Paris 'nova' Larkins 
Ted 'TeddyT' Staveley
Jake 'm0nt' Van Dorssen 

David 'MightyKiwi' Gore

Director - Alicia 'rogue' Oliver
Graphics & Design - Zed