Vox Eminor add Chris 'cozeh' Cossyvas

Today we announce the newest member of the Vox Eminor CSGO line up, Chris 'cozeh' Cossyvas.

Post ACL the Vox Eminor line up changed with the release of Jake 'm0nt' Van Dorssen. In the time since we have searched for a suitable replacement with the trailing of several players to fill the gap left by m0nts departure.

Chris 'cozeh' Cossyvas will return to competitive play after a brief stint as coach for the Team Immunity CSGO squad and will complete our line up and lead our team in game. Bringing years of experience to the table cozeh will help inject his wisdom into the young team and help the growth of the players.

His first official matches with the Vox Eminor CSGO team will be the upcoming ACL Melbourne Qualifiers this month.

Vox Eminor CSGO Captain Mohamed ‘MoeyCQ’ Tizani welcomed Cossyvas to the team saying "I'm very excited with the acquisition of Chris. He brings a wealth of knowledge, composure and experience to an already hungry team and we believe this is a step in the right direction after a run of bad results to achieving our short and long term goals. My players and I look forward to working alongside Chris and competing in the near future!"

While Cossyvas said "The opportunity to join Vox Eminor is something that is super exciting for me personally. Representing such an awesome organisation and having the chance to mould a young team from the ground up is a challenge I'm absolutely relishing! I look forward to getting the best out of Ted, Moey, Dale and Paris. See you soon :)”

Vox Eminor CSGO is:

Moey 'MoeycQ' Tizani
Dale 'deoxiDE' Carta
Ted 'teddyt' Staveley
Paris 'nova' Larkins
Chris 'cozeh' Cossyvas

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