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What are you hoping to achieve this time round at ACL?

I have high expectations for the upcoming ACL event in Melbourne. It seems uncanny with 2 line-up changes over the past 8 weeks with mont and deoxiDE leaving the team but I am confident it is for the better. We have a full team of 5 capable, calm and experienced LAN performers with a good attitude now. We've had our core 3 for quite some time now and with the next 4 weeks of preparation we are aiming for a grand final spot and top 1 finish.

Run us through the preparation for a big tournament like ACL?

You first need to place priorities for your strongest to weakest maps and decide how much emphasis to place on each, working out which strategies have been working or need the boot, individual hours of aim practice, demos and VOD's and a couple of online boot camps usually do the trick. Counter-stratting not so much but getting an understanding of how the teams you will be playing and their habits does help in-game. Most importantly, mental preparation - having the hunger to win an event MONTHS before it’s announced and visualising each scenario, same with any sport.

Recently we have seen changes in the team, how has Cozeh's in game leadership helped with team development?

Cozeh's in-game leadership has helped a lot. We replaced mont (a strong fragger) with a figure that helps the firepower we currently have in the team bring their best. He brings experience, calm and collectiveness, great mid round decisions and allows the rest of us to focus on purely our game. We've basically developed a completely new style and are capable of playing a game without every minor detail being pre-planned like before.

CGP is coming up again and you and Ted are defending champions, who are your teams to beat this season?

The team to beat is Immunity. You'll get the same answer from a team such as Exile5 as toppling Immunity is a realistic short term goal. They're a great team who are gaining valuable international experience while we are stuck here playing local competitions (great ones nonetheless). Renegades performances will be based on the style they bring back to AU after the Cologne major and we'll have a good tussle with X5 throughout the season which will be good fun!

What are your goals personally for the remainder of 2015 with CSGO?

2015 is coming closer to an end but with AU gaining 2 spots at majors internationally representing Australia overseas in Counterstrike has ignited a hunger to perform. I am still competing to get back to my best individually and on a team level and hope to cement a top 2 placing in the next Oceanic qualifiers whenever that may be.

Moey Trivia

Favourite team to watch: TSM
Favourite map to play: D2
Favourite weapon in game:
Favourite in game skin
: Karambit Tiger Tooth
Mouse: Zowie FK1
Zowie G-SR
1.6, 800dpi, 1000hz, m_rawinput 1
1024x768 (black bars)