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You joined Vox Eminor in July, how has the past month been going as you assimilate into the team?
It's been up and down to be honest. Early on we were showing glimpses of fantastic results but we had the complete wrong mentality/approach going into practice. We also had a fair bit of disharmony in the team, which kind of slowed things down for us. In the last week or two I've really been getting into my comfort zone and pushing the guys to play in a system that is quite different than what they've been used to.

What kind of importance do roles play in competitive CSGO?
Roles are huge but I think they are very much tied to individual player's mentality. That's something we've really been working on recently and I think we're now starting to see it come to fruition as we've 'steadied the ship' since deoxiDE's departure. While he was an individually good player, parts of his play didn't fit into the mix of players we have currently. We showed a lot of patience and tried to make it work but it simply wasn't to be.

What are the challenges of being the in game leader?
Challenges of being an IGL is definitely keeping motivation levels high and all of the players approaching the game in the right way. Personally, making the right calls/decisions in the mid-round are mechanical aspects of the game - by far, the hardest thing to master is to keep your players firing at full cylinders and keeping them confident. I very much believe in backing my team no matter what the situation is, loyalty is something that isn't valued well enough in Australia, in my opinion.

You have been a well-known figure in Counter Strike for some time now, what advice do you give to players who are just getting into competitive CSGO in Australia?
Play as much as you can. Also, if you can manage it, try jump in games with players well above your level if you can - you might find it difficult but that's how you learn. The one thing I cannot stress enough is working on your team-play. Your communication skills, revenge fragging and positioning will make vast improvements for your team, even if it does not show on the scoreboard.

What are your personal goals for the remainder of 2015 in CSGO?
I want to help take this team to the very top. Pushing the likes of RNG are definitely up there, but I know it won't simply happen overnight. This is something we'll work hard at and with time, I know results will come our way - we have the right mix of players and the right mindset (albeit after some chopping and changing). A win at ACL is on the short-term but I'm really looking at the long-term with this team.

Cozeh Trivia

Favourite team to watch: TSM
Favourite map to play: Cache
Favourite weapon in game:
Favourite in game skin
: Five Seven - Monkey Business
Mouse: SteelSeries Sensei
SteelSeries Fnatic QCK+
1024x768 (black bars)