Vox Eminor welcome sico & rbz

Today Vox Eminor welcomes Simon ‘sico’ Williams and Daniel ‘rbz’ Urbani in what we hope will be our final roster change. We are happy to give the New Zealand based awper and Adelaide based rifler a home after they left their former FSociety squad.

While our PAX campaign ended on a high note taking third place after a season plagued with roster changes and unease in our lineup we decided that one final change was needed at the end of 2015.

During the CGPL season the departure of Ted ‘TeddyT’ Staveley meant relying on Matty ‘Marto’ Larcombe to fill in as 5th but with a mixed bag of results over the months leading up to PAX with disappointing results in the Crown Invitational and FaceIT League Captain Mohammed ‘MoeycQ’ Tizani, In Game Leader Chris ‘cozeh’ Cossyvas and Manager Alicia ‘Rogue’ Oliver decided a change needed to be made to give the team extra firepower heading into 2016.

Captain Tizani had the following to say about the acquisition “I'm pleased to welcome Simon and Dan to the Vox Eminor family. We believe they are the right fit to the team, very capable players and great people. We will work hard together to achieve the results we have sought after in upcoming competitions.”

While Williams said “I am very excited for the future and becoming part of a reputable organization such as Vox Eminor, looking forward to playing with fresh talent and progressing onwards in the game both individually and as a team.”

Welcome to the family sico and rbz!

The 2016 Vox Eminor CSGO Squad will be: