VoxPlay Week 3 Summary Report

Thats right it was week3, the second last week of the VoxPlay Netgear Battlegrounds tournament and with teams scrambling to amass the points needed to make it to the finals the competition was hot and heavy indeed.

We had new teams lined up this week and foremost was SY_b which is a new gen team formed under former Vox Eminor star Iain "Snyper" Turner, lets take a quick look at that roster:


Needless to say the team was here to take some names and that they did, and with good measure too as this isnt really a rehash of some old team but a new mix sure to turn some heads. But lets recap round by round:

Round of 16
Vox Eminor > Redemption 16-3
Dynasty > Vice Gaming 16-10
4NOT > Dest 16-0
Dino > Aura 16-10
Meka.Tt > Mystic Gaming Wizards 16-0
Control eSports > Triggerpimpz 16-5
SYF Gaming > Legionnaires 16-1

No huge upsets in the RO16, however we did see aura lost to dino 16-10 with only 4 players, yeah it was train which is punishing on T side with only 4 but it was a valiant effort by auRa regardless, maybe dino was a bit cold? who really knows but a good effort nonetheless. 

Round of 8
Voxeminor > Dynasty 16-5
Dino > 4NOT 16-10
SY-B > Meka.Tt 16-11
Control eSports > SYF Gaming 16-9

In contrast to the RO16 the RO8 definately got a bit more interesting, Dino overcame 4NOT which maybe was an upset maybe not? but as a somewhat new lineup it definately came as a bit of a surprise. Vox vs Dynasty no surprise there however as dynasty always seems to end up on Vox's side of the bracket. Control eSports vs SYF Gaming was a pretty good game and was your expected result, but the card of the match was SY_b vs Meka.Tt which was indeed SY_b's first heavy hitting encounter to date.

In what was a close game its hard to say whether there was a clearly stronger team here, Meka looked almost lost at points as if they were still coming to grips with what SY_b was doing but a good win for SY_b and matchups vs Meka in the future will be show stoppers in my mind.
Semi Finals:
Vox Eminor > Dino 16-13
SY_b > Control eSports 16-12
Vox Eminor vs Dino was a surefire comeback train, after a great first half Vox had a pretty solid score moving into the second but Dino just would not lay down and in fact started laying Vox down with some great awp picking that was just punishing Vox's t side on unbalanced odds. Late in the second half Vox lost havoc to internet issues and the handy sub Gomez stepped in and the change of rythm more than anything allowed them to pull clear and close out the game. 
SY_b on the other side had their hands full with almost the same scenario, on paper you would look at it and think they would cleanly sweep through but although they maintained the lead for most of the game Control was constantly bringing the scores back close. It was a match of round streaks then resets all the way through and actually quite an enjoyable game to watch as it was very late in the game before you started to see SY_b walking away with it.

Grand Final:
Vox Eminor > SY_b 16-1
Well the scoreline may look daunting if you are a SY_b fan watching them emerge but its not really, most rounds were hotly contested and there was alot of individual play making going on that was determining the results. Give it time and i think SY_b will be a challenger yet but in their first outing although the score looks horribly unbalanced it was the sheer teamwork on the Vox team which determined the final score.
Well thats it for week 3 and stay tuned next Tuesday at 7:30PM where the final week ramps up and teams work harder than ever to claim points placings in the finals.