Analysing the update: 4/6/2014


- When a player has been banned for cheating (via VAC or Overwatch), all Skill Group adjustments from that player’s recent wins will be reverted for their partied teammates as well as their opponents.

[ MISC ]

- The “third person” and related commands are now executable by servers (for mods and plugins).

- Added a server convar (sv_allow_thirdperson) which allows servers to set players to third person mode.

- The env_fog_controller entity now has a field and input to scale the amount fog is adjusted when players zoom (with scoped weapons).

- Community tournament servers with built-in round backups enabled will automatically restore all player data upon reconnection and this in most cases will avoid having to load round backups.

Matchmaking Updates:

I really like this feature, it basically removes a negative or positive effects a cheater in a MM match has against his teammates or opponents. Naturally you can get a bit of a boost through winning with a cheater but this will be reversed but also if you take a dive from losing to a cheater this will revert the damage too.

Misc Updates:

Probably more a casual update here as I can’t see anyone enabling third person in a competitive server but am sure casual players will enjoy the added field of view.

The fog controller update means little to me, sounds like dev gibberish tbh but I’m sure it has a practical purpose!

Community tournament servers with built in round backups enabled will automatically restore all player data upon reconnection!! This is pretty damn cool because at the moment if you disconnect or crash you lose all your dosh, which can put teams at a disadvantage during competitive play, especially for an awper who takes longer to recover from a cash reset than a rifler. Massive ups to Valve for that one but you do have to wonder why it took so long as it is a bit of a common sense from the start feature.


Quite a good update from Valve, although the two focus points really are something that could have been engineered early. But then again it shows that the dev’s care when the time is taken to correct simple but needed items like this. Much love Valve.